Teen Treatment

Most people associate orthodontic treatment with teenagers or preteens.When looking at a group of young teens you will see a high percentage wearing some sort of orthodontic appliance. The fact is that the largest percetage of patients in orthodontic care are teens. The goal of Phase II orthodontic treatment for teens is to position all the adult teeth in the proper positions to maximize their appearance and function. Most often this phase of treatment will include  braces or invisalign.

In the past most people associated teen orthodontic care with metal braces, but that has all changed. With the advent of aligners, braces that go behind the teeth and clear braces, no one has to know that you are straightening your teeth. Invisalign Teen and Lingual (behind the teeth) braces are two of the fastest growing alternatives to traditional metal braces, and Dr Paz offers both. In fact, Dr Paz specializes in alternatives to traditional braces.

Upon the conclusion of this phase of orthodontic care every patient is given a set of retainers that will be worn “all day” for a period of time to allow the teeth to settle into their final positions.

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