Office Tour

Welcome to our office! We are located in the Marina Park near Alla Road. There are both street parking and a paid parking lot. After entering through the gate please turn to the left and then proceed to the right. You will see the entrance of the building on your left side. Please take the elevator to the third floor and exit to the right. Our office door will be on the left side of the hall.

Please check in for your appointment at the front desk, then enjoy coffee, cold water and free Wi-Fi in our reception area. A brushing station is located in the treatment area equipped with tooth brushes to use as needed. At each appointment patients are met by an orthodontic assistant and taken to their treatment chair. The assistant and Dr. Paz provide the patient’s care. After a child’s appointment a treatment update is given to the parent. Patients are usually scheduled every 8-10 weeks and the average appointment time is 30-45 minute

Dr. Mario Orthodontics
4553 Glencoe Ave #330,
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

(310) 822-4224