What is The iTero Scanner?

The iTero Scanner is a sophisticated piece of machinery that is able to produce highly detailed and accurate digital maps of the inside of a patient’s mouth. These are, in turn, translated into 3D images, which a lab technician can use to make highly accurate dental restorations and orthodontic equipment, such as:

• Orthodontic Growth Appliances

• Lingual Braces

•  Vivera Retainers

This technology helps Dr. Paz give you the most accurate dental work available today! The system is powered by Cadent iTero. With five years experience in restorative dentistry and 13 in orthodontistry, they are regarded as pioneers in digital dentistry. No More Traditional Dental Impressions or Molds

Previously, making molds of a patient’s mouth involved the use of bulky metal trays, which were filled with liquid plaster. These were pressed over the teeth and left in place for quite awhile until the cement had hardened. Patients having molds taken were often left gagging and with yucky cement left all over and between their teeth. The iTero Scanner eliminates the need for all of this unpleasantness and leaves your mouth in pristine condition.

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