Propel Vpro5

VPro5 uses high-frequency vibration for better seating of the aligners. This helps your teeth track better with the Invisalign trays, leading to more predictable results. As an additional benefit, because the aligners will fit better to the teeth, Dr. Paz will need fewer refinements. 

Benefits of Propel VPro5

Using this high frequency, C-shaped vibration device, straightening your smile with the VPro5 has numerous cosmetic, health and personal benefits:

  • Straightening your teeth is fast, safe, gentle and easy
  • Reduces potential discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment
  • Minimally invasive treatment can be performed at home
  • Stimulates healthy bone regeneration and remodeling
  • 5-minute wear time is up to 75% less time consuming than leading competitors

How Does The Propel VPro5 Work?

Using state of the art softpulse technology, Propel VPro5 delivers a series of micropulses to accelerate tooth movement alongside your orthodontic care. For best results, patients are recommended to use this device for approximately 5 minutes a day–easy to include alongside your nightly brush before bed! To recharge, simply plug the VPro5 into the wall charger when not in use.

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